Think you can’t meditate? Learn three easy steps that will show you how! This class will teach you how to sit, breathe and concentrate to prepare for meditation. If you think of the mind similar to a closet,  it


Learn the tools that will enhance your life in a group setting. Learn about the universal laws and attributes that will change your thinking. Change your thinking changes your life!

Enhanced Life Coaching

Sometimes you need individual attention to get in action. If you’re ready to commit to yourself and move to the next level, Enhance Your Life Coaching is definitely for you.

Science is now catching up to what spiritual traditions have known for years!

Meditation can have beneficial physiological, psychological, and spiritual effects on you!

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Do you feel like you are circling and not making any progress with your goals? Do you even know what those goals are?

I will help you get back on the map with my Enhanced Life Coaching Program.

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